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Molecular interaction networks

Manuela Garretón I.

teacher supervisor
Rodrigo Gutiérrez
José Miguel Tagle
Pablo Hermansen

bioligist Research
Felipe Aceituno

Research financed by Fondecyt* nº 1060457

These images correspond to my design thesis project, which was developed within Dr. Rodrigo Gutierrez Laboratory from the Microbiology and Molecular Genetics Department of the Pontificia Universidad Católica.The Laboratory was searching to develop a software for data visualization.

The purpose of the project was the design of a display model that could allow the observation of molecular interactions taking place inside a plant – Arabidopsis Thaliana – in response to a certain external stimulus, e.g. augmenting levels of Nitrogen in the soil. The data is composed of a network of agents and interactions. Agents are different kinds of molecules; metabolites, gens, enzymes,mRNA. Interactions can be understood as the agent’s capacity to modify its neighbor agents. Interactions depend on the agents properties. Another type of information aggregated was the location of molecules inside cellular compartments.