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Molecular interaction networks II

Year: 2008

These images correspond to the work conducted within Dr. Rodrigo Gutierrez Laboratory from the Microbiology and Molecular Genetics Department of the Pontificia Universidad Católica. This time improving the visualization done on Molecular Interactions 1. In this occasion an overall review of what had been achieved was pursued, and new amount of information was added to the previous model.

The new set of agents correspond to the same molecules of the former networks, yet this time divided in five different groups. These groups depend on molecular functions and had different geometric figures assigned. The types of interactions depend on the states of agents, which in turn, can be of two kinds; origin and target. A symbol belongs to each state. The combination of these symbols defines the interactions occurring within agents.The agents were divided in five groups and each one of them had specific belonging molecules. Per default, the agents of the all five groups were coloured yellow. Nevertheless the user had the option to change the colour of either the molecules or the complete group and one or more kind of interactions.